Result-oriented Negotiation

Result-oriented Negotiation

Result-oriented Negotiation

Not everyone is a natural-born successful negotiator. However, with the right training, you can become one. We negotiate every day, even if we are not always aware of it. Negotiating in sales is a different process than selling and requires different skills. These skills are the focus of the two modules in the result-oriented negotiation training.

Achievable Result

The goal is to professionally achieve the maximum result in a negotiation, while ensuring both parties are satisfied. This concept has been called "win-win" for years. At Sales Improvement Group, we teach participants to win slightly more than their counterparts. So that those counterparts are still satisfied with their own results.

Why result-oriented negotiation training?

Ensure you close that coveted deal and that your counterpart also leaves satisfied. This training provides an excellent foundation for any sales professional looking to achieve more in negotiations.

Topics Covered

  • Negotiation challenges
  • Non-verbal communication II
  • Building the right presentation
  • Negotiation methodologies
  • Influencing power dynamics
  • Negotiation step-by-step plan
  • Realizing maximum results
  • Cases and practical simulations

Result-oriented negotiation for your company?

Interested in a result-oriented negotiation training tailored to your company's unique situation? Our sales trainers can clearly explain how this training can increase your organization's sales results.

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