Marc de Vries

Sales Improver

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Previous Occupations

Account Manager, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Integral Manager, Office Director, Regional Director.

Industry Experience

Banking and Insurance, Business Services.



Marc started his career at a Dutch bank after completing his law studies. After serving clients for several years, he opted for a management career. Since then, he has held multiple management and directorial positions, gaining broad experience in sales, organization, leadership, coaching, positioning, and marketing. Marc has led several reorganizations and change processes. Characterized by his drive, analytical skills, and passion for the customer, he is an ideal Sales Improver committed to supporting clients in achieving an optimally functioning organization.


An optimal organization only succeeds when staffed with skilled employees. Skilled employees can only perform in a well-organized environment. My passion is to support companies in making their organization (even) better, thereby facilitating salespeople to perform their work at the highest level.