When are you cut from the right wood?

"There are numerous reasons to choose to work as a Sales Improvement Professional. I'm not just talking about the earnings; for many Sales Improvement Professionals, it's often double their previous salary. Breaking free from the current structure and culture with a boss above you and a team looking up to you, and building a structure and culture that feels like a custom-made suit.

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You manage your own time in a way that suits the life you're leading at the moment

Yes, these are all triggers that contribute to Sales Improvement Professionals joining Sales Improvement Group. But before you make that choice, it's important to look beyond those triggers and consider: is this who I am? Independence comes with responsibility. Acquisition, of course, but also the puzzles you're faced with, often multiple puzzles at the same time because you'll be the man or woman for multiple organizations simultaneously, taking the sales organization to a higher level. That means you not only have to be seasoned as a salesperson but also have what it takes to play chess on multiple boards at once.

Respectful Confrontation

Ultimately, your role is to give your clients' revenue a boost. If your client could achieve that with their own knowledge and experience, it would have already happened. This means you must have the ability to push a company's management out of their comfort zone, which can lead to fireworks. Be gentle with people but tough on the content. You'll need to ask the right questions to help the management see that what they've always done may not necessarily be the best way, and there's room for significant improvement. So, it's often not about 'pleasing' but about confronting in a respectful manner. You should carry that weight of knowledge, experience, and personality with you as a Sales Improvement Professional, whether you're working as a Sales Trainer or a Sales Improver.

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You should carry that weight of knowledge, experience, and personality with you as a Sales Improvement Professional

Your Deepest Drive

You must have the drive to operate at the highest level of sales. No longer just as a top seller, no longer just as a team leader or commercial director of one team or organization, but as an advisor or trainer for multiple organizations at the same time, each with its own culture, its own leadership style, its unique market, and so on. Sometimes it may be a market or culture that is further from your own, making you feel less at home. But it's precisely that different perspective that can make them need your insights. It's a challenge. That's why the triggers I mentioned earlier – from income to independence – are important. But I think the biggest trigger should be that you're ready for the next step where the impact you have on others suddenly becomes ten times greater. You rise above yourself because you have the drive to help others reach that next level with all the knowledge and experience you've gained. That's the common thread, the greatest passion of all our Sales Improvement Professionals.

A next step where the impact you have on others suddenly becomes ten times greater.

A Flying Start

And yes, you do this as an entrepreneur, with your own business, but definitely not alone. You become part of a powerful network. And you'll notice this in various practical ways. For example, you often get introduced to a client through the acquisition efforts of other Sales Improvement Professionals. Conversely, you receive a portion of the revenue from professionals who were introduced to a client through you. In addition, you'll receive the best sales training available and have a personal coach, someone from the leadership team of Sales Improvement Group. That will be either Michel or Aynsley. We help you shape your organization according to the phase of life you're in. We coach you to grow and eventually achieve the highest revenue with what suits you best, whether you invest a lot of time or eventually less. And if you decide to go back to managing one chessboard at a time, for example, as a Commercial Director, the experience you gained as an entrepreneur at Sales Improvement Group will be a significant plus on your CV.

If you hear this and think: yes, this is where I am in my life right now, this is who I am, and this is the challenge I need, then we would love to shake your hand soon!"

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