Rob Oldenburg

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous jobs

Bank and Insurances, Recruitment & Selection, Temporary Employment, Publishing House, Graphics Companies, Electronics, Automotive, Trade, Water Sports

Branche experience

Manufacturing Industry, Lighting, Office Furniture, Plastic Injection Molding, Chemistry, Steel


Rob earned his markings in sales. He is a genuine people person. People get results. Companies can only develop when people develop. Everyone has their qualities. The question rises whether companies are sufficiently familiar with this and know how to use this. He has a high social intelligence, which he always knows to use in a positive way. Participants in his sessions are forced to come up with solutions by themselves and to apply these into their daily practice. "What can I change by myself?" is an important starting point. Using a technique as a trick offers no structural solution. It matters that someone knows how to manage positive changes in his or her behavior.


I always go for the long term. The interest of the client is essential. A good understanding of a company and its people is the beginning. People are creatures of habit. By keeping up the mirror, using the right tone and especially making the use of specifically modified methods, change becomes a lot easier.