Kees de Groot

Sales Improver

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Previous jobs

Marketing Manager, Commercial Director and Managing Director

Branche experience

Metal trade, metal fabrication and metalworking, installation companies, power generation and construction supply


Kees has a ton of experience with marketing policies and sales strategies. He is determined to find out why customers like to do business with a company and is always looking for the dynamics between the market and the customer. Kees is a 'people person' and likes to have personal contact with (business) relations. He prefers the team approach and is able to mobilize people and resources to meet the objectives. He quickly identifies and tackles the core issues and makes decisions based on facts, together with any supporting data, combined with his intuition and experience. Kees is a hands-on man who takes the initiative and is convinced that it is essential that any barriers to results must be removed, he is constantly looking for changes or improvements to achieve the desired results. All available time must be actively filled and Kees strongly believes that investment in time is crucial in delivering significant results. Challenges are necessary and are often the source of new opportunities and possibilities.


Thanks to my broad experience and knowledge, I want to assist companies and organizations to deliver a better sales return. The key to success is to be able to interact and deal with people, because they make the difference. Motivated and well informed staff are a company's best asset.