Hermine Wesel

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous jobs

Intermediary, Account Manager, Area Sales manager, Consultant

Branche experience

Corporate Services, Financial Services, Employment Services, Retail, Horeca


Hermine has a broad sales experience. She exactly knows what sales professionals have to deal with every day. Due to her experience in employment services, she has a good understanding of organizations and their employees. Therefore Hermine knows the position in development of people. In practice her empathy and positive confrontational approach in training and coaching lead to clarifying new solutions. Motivating and enthusing people are key aspects of Hermine's work.


A good understanding of a company, the employees and the market position are conditions to assist people in their personal development. It is a good thing to affect people and to show them how they can grow and be successful. Elements which give me a lot of satisfaction. The right synergy will be created between the close connection of improvement of individual sales skills and sales teams. Which means getting more done with the same number of people. My one goal is: improving (sales) result.