Gerard van den Burg

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous jobs

Salesman, Representative, Account Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Trainer & Coach

Branche experience

Technical wholesale, Contractor, Transport industry, Construction, Intermediary goods


Gerard is a highly determined salesman who knows all ins and outs of the sales business. He has lots of sales experience in the contracting and construction business. Gerard discovered his passion for training & coaching by training, supporting and being a mentor to his own colleagues. He knows how to combine his natural calm and seniority with his drive and motivation. Gerard is able to enthuse people at all kind of levels.


As a Sales Trainer it's really great to use my own experience by helping others to improve their (sales) skills. I know the struggles of salesman in their daily work. I really can take part in this experience and give the people confidence by assisting their personal and professional developments in sales.