Annemieke Besseling

Sales Improver

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Previous jobs

Director, general management, project leader, journalist

Branche experience

Food-, Medical and Professional Services, Communications, Graphics Companies, Wholesale and Crafts Companies


Annemieke has many years of board and management experience. She is used to work on the level of the Board of Directors and is a strategic partner for directors. As a Sales Improver, Annemieke operates with a sympathetic enthusiasm and is known as a social person with an eye for detail. Above all, she always works highly result-oriented. She is keen on strategy development and has a very broad experience in chain optimization, change management, HR issues and team building. She is a star in communication and getting things done.


It's my motivation and passion to make companies flourish. I really like to create result. I enjoy it. I have an eye for strategy and the translation of (innovative) product-market combinations versus the sales practice. I like to work for companies with a "soul", both big and small. It is inspiring to assist companies to go forward. For me it's always about people. With passion the best businesses will be realized!